About JD Wetterling

JD and K in Grand TetonsAll who wander are not lost, either in the geographic or theological sense. The Isaiah 6:3 Tour has been on the road towing a 25-foot travel trailer for over nine months now, with no end in sight. Chapter One of the Tour covered 5000 miles in seven western and southwestern states, 8000 more sightseeing miles in the truck alone, and nearly 1000 hiking miles, 55 campsites in 13 national parks, 42 national forests and state parks and a handful of commercial RV parks. Karen and I are still mesmerized, awe-struck, grateful beyond words for this “majestic theater” of God’s creation.

I find America’s national parks and forests an inspirational place to write, signing off on the final proof copy of my third book, No Time To Waste, this summer while camped on the banks of a white-water stream high in the Bighorn Mountains of north-central Wyoming (read more about it and earlier books and stuff at http://www.jdwetterling.com). God is so gracious. Join us as we begin Chapter Two of the Isaiah 6:3 Tour through the heartland and southeast United States, visiting family, friends, speaking before God’s people, and marveling at every natural wonder along the way from Pikes Peak to the Blue Ridge, to Marco Island and back through the deep south.

Holy, holy, holy is the LORD almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory (Isaiah 6:3).

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