Introspection and counting blessings, home alone with my bride, are my thing on New Year’s Eve. Back in my skydiving college days my uncle boldly predicted that I would not see my 25th birthday. There were some times in the war when I thought he was going to be right. For nearly four score years I have lived two standard deviations from the mean–an uncommon life uncommonly blessed. There is a God and he is merciful to fools and fighter pilots and incorrigible sinners. I am living proof.

I am grateful to my Sovereign God for giving me another year, well beyond the lifespan of the last three generations of Wetterling men. He has fixed the quantity of my days so I can focus on the quality, to enjoy life with the wife whom I love, all the days of my vain life that he has given me under the sun, because that is my God-given portion in life. (Eccl. 9:9). And by his grace I will run with endurance the race that is set before me (Heb. 12:1).

With one small edit the meme-maker speaks for me this New Year’s Eve. I look back on my life and I am seriously impressed I’m still alive…because I know why: By the grace of God alone, an old acquaintance that will never be forgot, from whom all blessings flow and to whom is due all my praise and worship for time and eternity.

O God, you’ve numbered all my days
Before the first one was.
They dwindle down but they’re your ways--
My fitness you must cause.
Please stoke in me a heart ablaze,
Eradicate my flaws.
I need your grace in these last days
To get my Lord's applause.

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