My friend, Larry Acosta, is a WW II veteran of the Battle of Manila, which saw by far the worst urban fighting in the Pacific theater, resulting in massive loss of life and utter destruction of the city. He came ashore in the Philippines (at age 19) in 1944  with General Douglas MacArthur.  He was NCOIC of a tank company in the Korean War–both wars with the 1st Cavalry Division, one of the most decorated divisions in the US Army.  He’s one of a dwindling group of American heroes who will never be matched. Thank you, Lord, for putting my brother-in-Christ, Larry Acosta, in my life.  Happy Veterans Day, Chief!

Dear friends, if you wish to leave a short thank-you note to Larry in the comments below, he doesn’t mess with such frivolities as internet blogs, but I will personally make sure he sees this one on Veterans Day (Nov. 11).  I can speak for my brother-in-arms and all living vets:  He will appreciate it so much more than flowers on his grave on Memorial Day.


  1. Paul Otto Says:

    Larry, you are a true hero. You are a shining example of why your generation became known as the “Greatest Generation”; and as long as there is life on earth, that designation will remain as true then as it is now. May I offer my most sincere thanks to you for your immense service to our beloved country. God Bless.


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