We don’t watch TV at our house aside from an occasional golf match on weekends, though neither of us has played the game in decades. What an exciting match the PGA tournament was this past weekend, as history was made by a nice guy dedicated to his sport long after most golf pros have joined the codger circuit, or retired to count their money. Sports writers, perhaps the best writers in the literary world, had a heyday waxing poetic on a success story for the record books. It was a story of dedication, discipline, focus and passion of Biblical proportions. I have no idea of the state of Phil Micholson’s soul or his relationship with God, but it was clear from what I saw and read that he hungered and thirsted after golfing perfection the way Christ said, in the Sermon on the Mount, a child of God should hunger and thirst after righteousness. (Matthew 5:6).

We turned the TV off and headed for Sunday evening church service in the middle of the greatest excitement—the back nine. Our pursuit of righteousness drives us back to church to worship our Lord on Sunday evening, but watching the contestants walk down the final fairway in the video the next morning gave me chills from head to toe. The crowd was so enthusiastic for old man Micholson (age 50) winning that it took a “phalanx of security forces to hold them back.” His ability to focus on the final green in the face of all that cacophonous adulation was a tribute to his masterful self-control, and his modesty when accepting the massive Wanamaker Cup and a check for $2+ million dollars made me whimper as I watched. Admiration, not envy. Motivation to go and do likewise in pursuit of my passion—to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

I would not trade places with Phil Micholson for a check of any amount. If family history marks the course, I’m walking the final fairway of life and there’s no adoring multitude in sight, no garish silver chalice awaits, nor filthy lucre—just a few wonderful words of invitation from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and I expect to be face down when I hear them: “Well done, good and faithful servant … Enter into the joy of your master.” Forever. The ultimate win, by grace alone!  (Matthew 25:23).

See you there?    

One Response to “HUNGER AND THIRST”

  1. Paul Says:

    Terrific as always and yes, hope to see you there. PO

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