Happy Mothers’ Day in heaven, Mom!

Of all Mom gave her eldest son,
A poet’s bent was only one.
Her words and deeds, with steadfast love,
Instilled the same for God above.

[On the death of my father, by Alberta L. Wetterling]

How do you tell your Bethel friends
How much they mean to you?
How words of comfort gave your strength
And helped to see you through—
A trying time—
A sad time—
And yet a victory!
For one who was among us
Has earned his rest, you see…

By JD Wetterling

Astounding is this thing called sin,
It makes the God of love and grace
The enemy of men.

Those with the deepest sense of sin
Still can but weakly comprehend
The sinfulness of sin.

But this we know from Holy Writ,
It took the blood of His own Son 
To sate His hate of it.

“She opens her mouth with wisdom, 
And the teaching of her kindness is on her tongue…
Her children rise up and call her blessed…” 
(Proverbs, 31: 26, 28)

See you in church.

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