“…the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy” (Job 38:7).

Introduction: Oct–Dec, 2015. Outside the big window a bitter night wind howled thru the multi-colored leaves of autumn in the north woods. Inside an emaciated, speechless, intermittently conscious old man lay with his torso angled up among a maze of wires and tubes running into his body. A bedside nurse quietly monitored multiple computer screens and digital readouts that told her the younger of the Wetterling brothers, though drugged into a calm facade, was desperately fighting for his life. In the hushed and dimmed post-midnight buzz and hum and gurgle of the Mayo Clinic’s CCU (intensive care for cardiac patients), I sat facing him at bedside, my forearm resting on the bed railing, praying, pleading, and begging for God’s mercy. His eyes opened and locked on mine.  He slowly raised his arm from amid the rumpled sheets and weakly clasped my hand as if to arm wrestle, a well-practiced sport in our youth. His forearm pivoted on his elbow as he slowly wagged our hands sideways no more than two inches, his fixed gaze otherwise expressionless for several seconds, then his hand went limp and he drifted off again. Never has more love been conveyed between two humans than that moment, and it will be with us for eternity—we’re brothers by birth and the blood of Christ.

He joined the church eternal five years ago today.

DISPATCHES FROM THE GLORY ROAD, a short story based on my Facebook posts written in the heat of that battle for friends and prayer warriors, is available in ebook format at Amazon ($0.99).  For a free PDF formatted version (26 pages), email request to  jdwetterling@yahoo.com .

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