I did not watch the debates because I am not a masochist, it was my bedtime and I’ve already decided who I’ll vote for, and here’s why: 

General Patton was considered an offensive jerk, but he won battles. General Grant was a lush despised by many but he won the Civil War. General MacArthur was an insufferable egomaniac but he won the war in the Pacific in WWII. Our president has an acid tongue, oversized ego and the restraint of a five-year-old, but he gets things done like no other president in my lifetime. He actually delivers on his campaign promises. His arrogant hyperbole notwithstanding, he actually has accomplished more in less than 47 months than his opponent in 47 years. He’s received three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for three extraordinary accomplishments. He renegotiated grossly unfair multi-billion dollar NATO treaty financial obligations, and NAFTA and China trade deals after previous presidents were snookered by our bluffing partners. He abolished dozens of federal regulations and reduced taxes that had hamstrung American businesses, leading to eye-popping gains in stock prices, retirement portfolios, and employment. Opposition party economists had disdainfully predicted the opposite. He has taken bold action against our enemies but has not started a war, a rare thing, and has wound down commitments and bloodshed to almost nothing in two intractable wars. He has done more for freedom of religion than any president in my lifetime. At a pudgy 74 he demonstrates the stamina of a triathlete. And the appointment of three conservative originalist judges to the Supreme Court may well be his crowning achievement. The list goes on but these are the most extraordinary.

It’s been my experience that the flak is heaviest right over the target, and it takes steely resolve to press on when it’s in your face. This president has hit the target repeatedly in the face of unprecedented flak. I’d be delighted with four more years of such achievement. Would that I could fly flak suppression for him.

There was a framed cartoon that hung on the wall of our fighter squadron lounge during the Vietnam War showing a weary, unshaven GI extolling the virtues of fighter pilots—how they were always there when he needed them, always on target, always got the job done, and saved his bacon countless times. He concluded with, “But I’d never let one of those horny b______s date my daughter.” A similar dichotomy exists with my president. I’m voting for a promise-keeping president, not a pastor, and praying that a merciful God will restore the soul of this rebellious ruckus republic.

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