Advent: from the Latin word, adventus, a translation of the Greek word, parousia, properly meaning “coming,”  commonly referring to the Second Coming of Christ (Strong’s Concordance).

We tend to think of Advent as a four week  preparation for Christmas, where we celebrate the birth of Christ,  the Son of God come to earth as a frail human being in the humblest of circumstances. The most important event in the history of man is surely worth celebrating.  It was foretold over 250 times by Old Testament prophets over four thousand years, since Genesis 3. No other world religion can lay claim to such amazing prophecy fulfillment stretching over four millennia. No human could conceive a story as fantastical as God’s historical nonfiction narrative of creation, fall, and redemption as told in the Bible—a worldview to end all worldviews.

But the word “Advent” really calls us to remember and be prepared for His second coming. As surely as Christ came the first time to suffer and die to redeem His chosen people, in fulfillment of His promises through the prophets, even more assuredly He will come again to fulfill His New Testament promises from his own lips. The Son of our Sovereign God thrice repeated this promise, among His last words in the last chapter of the last book of the Bible: “And behold, I am coming soon… (Rev. 22:7), Behold, I am coming soon… (Rev. 22:12), Surely, I am coming soon… (Rev. 22:20).

This Advent Season the world is a swirling wilderness of  immorality, apostasy, and barbarism; growing Christian persecution and legalized sin; and dangerously dysfunctional civil government, foreshadowing the tribulation to come (Rev. 7:14). It is not unlike the fallen world Christ was born into 2000 years ago, and still graphically demonstrates the need for His first coming as a Redeemer of lost souls. We rejoice, with humble gratitude, at such an act of incomprehensible love: “born this day, in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord “ (Luke 2:11). So celebrate the Babe, anticipate the King. Cling tenaciously, with joyous assurance, to that unbreakable triple promise of His second coming. This time He’ll come as conquering King of Kings to gather His sheep from among the devil’s own goats, and take them to be where He is, in paradise forever…while the goats will smolder for eternity (Matt. 13:41-43). His sheep know His voice and they follow Him (John 10:27). Do you?

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