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The End of the Isaiah 6:3 Tour

September 18, 2014

After 6.5 of the happiest years of our lives, the Isaiah 6:3 Tour of the USA in an RV came to an end this past summer, and we can confirm that the whole earth (the continental USA portion) is indeed full of His glory. We are now settled in a permanent residence (without wheels under it) in Mason, OH, the 7th best place to live in America, according to Money Magazine. We heartily endorse everything Money said about this beautiful hilly, wooded suburb northeast of Cincinnati. In fact, we’ve been a lot of places on this continent on the Isaiah 6:3 Tour, and we think the magazine’s ranking is a bit low, but then the selection committee probably didn’t have grandchildren living nearby.

I had some serious concerns about my ability to flourish in a fixed base operation after 6.5 years on the road. Opening the window shades in the morning (on average, every third morning) and feasting my eyes on a brand new drop-dead view of “God’s magnificent theater” (Calvin) was an addictive part of the RVing lifestyle. living room 1Well, God in His amazing grace has provided an antidote: a 52-inch flat screen HDTV with an Amazon Fire TV box and Amazon Prime TV instant video. Among Amazon Prime’s 40,000 free movies are an as yet uncounted number of high definition videos of natural scenic grandeur—many of them aerial views—of lots of the places we have been and innumerably more around the world. It is so realistic it is like having a large window in our living room looking out on all the most beautiful places on the planet! It runs with audio (usually elevator music) off all day long in our house. In fact, before I even turn on the coffee pot in the morning I open that window on whatever part of God’s magnificent creation that suits my fancy. It greatly enhances my morning devotions.  Jonathan Edwards called nature God’s greatest evangelist. Amen! Meditating on God’s word while gazing at His glorious handiwork is another amazing aspect of grace.  And it all costs well under a grand, which is considerably less that a 35’ fifth wheel and diesel truck.

Not least of the attractions here is the Little Miami RiverLittle miami biking 1 biking/hiking trail that goes from Cincinnati in SW Ohio all the way northeast to the Great Lakes. We can jump on it just 4 miles from home and it is a heavenly green leafy tunnel on the river bank with world class sunbeams in early morning, and an avian choir that elevates and accompanies the spirits in adoration of the Creator of it all.  Luther said, “God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds…” We joyfully flew through nine  miles of spectacular gospel on our bikes on a  clear, crisp September morning. If only I could glorify God as much as I enjoy Him.

It is my hope,  on this latter-day leg of our heaven-bound journey, that since we are no longer a moving target, the book muse will not have so much trouble finding my door and she will knock more often. I still would rather write and speak than eat. I’ve begun a remodel of my author web site, with some new commentary on the home page, for starters. The ebook version of “No one…,” the only thing I have ever written that might avoid the dumpster at my demise, has been reduced in price, finally, from $6.99 to $2.99. I negotiated the return of my ebook rights to that book from the good folks at Christian Focus Publications, and drastically dropped the price. Publishers have significant overhead costs to cover—mine are puny by comparison. God has set an amazingly low price on salvation. I think that the unworthy witness who was given a new heart and eyes to see and accept that best eternal bargain the world will ever know, and who now stands beside the narrow road and points the way, should reflect that same grace. I can’t speak for other readers, but I’ll take a chance on almost any book for $2.99. Check it out here if you are so moved.

Our God reigns.

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